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If you want to learn more about aussie animals then it might be well worth your while buying a ticket to see them at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Not only can you cuddle a koala, watch croc feeding, and feed kangaroos, but you can also enjoy the high ropes challenge for an afternoon of adrenaline fun.

It is all included in the one ticket price.

If your budget does not allow for the Aussie animals and adventure side of Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, you can appreciate some natural wildlife there for free. They have free bird feeding twice a day. Now you think this might sound a little boring, but it is actually quite a treat.

Hundreds of rainbow coloured lorikeets will descend upon you from the surrounding trees to get a lick at the sweet honey nectar that you hold out in a bowl in your hands. They will climb up your arms, on your head and just sit on your hands drinking. It is worth an hour visit to see these beautiful birds of Australia up close and personal.

Visiting the Gold Coast Theme Parks are going to eat into your budget. It is not a cheap day out but it is a fun day out. To make it more of a budget experience, be smart in your preparation for them. Check their website for any special passes or deals they have going. You can get special 3 theme Park passes for unlimited visits to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet and Wild.

Strangely enough, the opening hours for these parks are very short- late to open early to close. You can purchase an early bird pass for a couple of dollars more which will get you in the park and on those rides that attract the most people, before they enter the doors.

Consider spending extra money for the skip the queue passes for rides. Hours can be taken from your day just lining up for a ride. Spending an extra $10 on this pass may save you having to return the next day for an extra full price ticket just so you can get to those rides and events you missed.

Also, see which parks allow you to take in your own food. Buying food at theme parks makes for an ultra expensive day.

Within 30 minutes beyond the bustling Gold Coast beaches lies the Gold Coast Hinterland. Farmland, vineyards, quaint villages, sprawling National Parks and rainforest reserves are there for you to explore.

There are plenty of treetop walks and hiking trails which will give you a low budget day spent enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of nature and some incredible views.